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I'm nothing if not honest.

Most growth and monetization advice out there is nonsense.

I see webinar after course after session after download after webinar. Here's how you do it! They claim. But it's always surface information and shit you already know. So annoying.

Listen, you know when you have a great podcast and an excited listenership. And this podcast is your baby, your passion, your life's work, and/or it's taking up a ton of time and you've been pouring money into it left and right.

There is definitely a way to recoup your investment and more. But what is that way?  It's different for every podcast. And this is why you haven't found your answer yet.


The Plan of Attack, Jack


The Plan Of Attack, Jack is a 90 minute 1:1 consulting session.

We will meet on Skype and go over your current sales tools/marketing materials, and then get into the nitty gritty. Some of the things that are usually covered are:

Social Media Content/Audience Growth
  • Overview of podcast, current process for recording, posting and promotion including all channels

  • Content schedule creation with suggestions

  • List of automated and evergreen content

  • Podcast promotional workflow creation, adding in above suggestions

  • Suggestions on how to grow the social channels

  • Other promotional goals and achieving them/adding them into the schedule (like opt ins, etc.)

  • Creating a money-making strategy (HOW do we want to monetize based on current career goals)

  • Opt in suggestions, with promotional strategy

  • Timelines for opt in creation

  • Product suggestions/ideas with timeline

  • Services creation with packaging

  • Promotional strategy for products

  • Sponsor and advertiser brainstorm

  • Creation of advertiser pitch

  • Sponsor rate card/package creation

I know you’re too busy to analyze every little part of your podcast – so I do.
I know you aren’t thinking about the nuances of marketing, sales messaging and calls to action – so I do.
I know you can’t focus on all the ways you could be using WHAT YOU HAVE to grow to the next level – so I do.

I help podcasters like you:

  • Throw out the “have-to”s and the “gotta”s and focus on the ONLY things you need to achieve your goals

  • Greatly improve your online presence

  • Finally see the results of your hard work

  • Carve out a schedule that feels – at last – like you’re in charge of your own day

  • Be taken seriously by potential brands, advertising partners, and possible sponsors

  • Gain control over the millions of tasks you don’t need to be doing

  • Know exactly what it’s going to take to get to the next level – and know how to filter out the rest.

Now you can see why sessions are 90 minutes! It's very difficult to cover everything, especially with two podcasters on the line! At the end of the session, you will have a long list of things to get started on, and a definite idea and direction of where to go next. It'll be exactly what you need. Are you ready? Let's do this!!

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“Out of all the business and podcasting consultants I know (and there are a LOT), Jessica is the only person I would recommend to people who want the ACTUAL steps you need to take to grow and make money with a podcast. As an added bonus, she is an expert in advertising, branding and marketing! She gives it to you straight and doesn't sugar coat anything, which is incredibly valuable if you don't want to waste time!”

~ Jessica Rhodes, CEO, Interview Connections