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Hey, I'm Jess.

100% passionate about helping “small” podcasters make BIG bucks.

I’ll show you how to bundle your podcast with your entire platform so you can pitch sponsors as an audio influencer, not just a podcaster. Don’t want any advertising? Let me help you get to the core of how YOUR podcast can make money.

Your podcast won’t bring you any business until you treat it like one.

You need to treat your show like a business if you want it to bring in money. I’ll show you how.

My Promise:

I am absolutely committed to helping independent podcasters grow their audience and get the money they deserve creating income streams from their podcast. I will tell you, friends, it isn't easy. It's not going to come flowing in simply because you've started a show or even because you have a professional microphone, and it especially won't come just because you've followed someone else's “winning formula.”

But it is possible. Every single podcast has income potential. But it takes work, hustle, and an un-killable spirit.

If you have the stamina to do a podcast AND hustle for it, I will set you down the path to success.


Jess has a unique way of understanding what podcasters really want from their show, and making sure that brands understand the real ‘beat' of a host's personality. That's why she as become not only a friend, but my number-one ‘go to' for sponsorship advice and partnerships.

~ Mark Asquith, Podcast Websites

My Story:

I had my first tape recorder at age 4, and I used it to make up commercials. OK, well, first I hosted my own game show. But THEN I started making up commercials. I collected beautiful magazine ads as a kid  – made HUGE collages of art from ads – and went on to study buyer's behavior through a Comm degree in college.

My first marketing job out of college was selling banner advertising in 1999. I worked for the local newspaper and I was tasked with attempting to convert newspaper advertisers into adding on banners. It was not an easy feat to 1. Explain why the internet was sticking around and then 2. Explain why they had to divert budget into something so new and then 3. Hide from the print sales reps for chipping away at the print advertising revenue.

I did multiple ad sales jobs before I started my own business. I loved advertising – I did – but I HATED sales. Selling made me sweat. Asking for money was so uncomfortable, and the truth is, I was so excited about what I was selling that I often wished I could give it away so the client could try it! 

When my mother died in 2005, I vowed not to do anything I hated every day, anymore. She was only 55, I was 30. I thought – well if I only have 25 years left, I'm going to figure out how to do what I LOVE. And I loved marketing. I love ad pieces, and I wanted to create it for people. I started my first online business in 2005, essentially teaching myself graphic and web design before going back to school for a certificate.

I devoured every single bit of information there was out there to become an expert in my craft – and when social media came along, I again obsessively read every article and watched every webinar that could teach me how to master social for business. When I decided to start a podcast, I was determined to do it my way – efficiently, powerfully, and with fast results. It worked. People started asking me how to podcast, and how to make money, and I started teaching them. My methods for growing and monetizing get amazing results for my clients, because I know how market and grow an audience, and because I know how to set up a show to sell, and then sell it.

I know how uncomfortable it can be to ask for money – especially for something you're not even sure a buyer is familiar with. And I know how difficult it can be to try, out of what seems like nowhere, to place a value on your podcast. Call it luck, chance, or a unique collection of experiences, but I happen to be an expert at both.

You keep being an expert at your (insert podcast topic of choice), and I'll lead the way to growing and monetizing your podcast.

Current Projects

She Podcasts

Online Community of Almost 9,000 Women Podcasters

She Podcasts

She Podcasts is an online community of almost 9,000 women podcasters. Elsie Escobar and I co-founded this group in early 2014 and then our podcast came shortly after.

Brilliant Observations

Comedy Podcast Starring Melissa Brilliant and John Bukenas

Brilliant Observations

Brilliant Observations is a comedy podcast I co-host with my friends Melissa Brilliant and John Bukenas. All of us are hilariously funny and quite opinionated. Come for the comedy, stay for the….comedy. I guess.

Lady Business Media

Personal Comedy Site

Lady Business Media

Lady Business Media is my collection of comedy items I have created. Call it a creative outlet, call it a mess, call it a place for stray thoughts to live. It is what it is.

True Native Media

Podcast Advertising Agency

True Native Media

True Native Media‘s CEO, Heather Osgood, purchased my company j/k media agency in the fall of 2017. Since then, I've been working as a consultant to grow the agency and give the company a strong voice in the industry.


“Jessica Kupferman is THE QUEEN of sponsorship. Also, red is definitely her color.”

~ John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire